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About Us

We are on a journey to discover and create the latest fashion trends and bring colors to life. Our mission is to reduce the impact on the ecosystem of our plant by crafting sustainable and environmentally friendly clothes with a promise to feel comfortable against your skin.
In VOLÉVO we use certain materials combined with high-quality tailoring for our customer satisfaction. We do our best to be the first to introduce new and timeless high-quality designs while keeping in mind to stay with the latest trend. The idea was born because of the lack of Qatari fashion brands worldwide and the limited designs in the market.
Most of the materials used in VOLÉVO are sourced carefully, whether natural fabric or organic material, which are used in crafting our clothes. We are currently using 100% organic cotton, natural straw, and 100% natural linen. We made sure to use compostable tags for every piece we manufacture. As for the packaging we decided to go plastic-free in VOLÉVO, which will minimize the impact as much as possible on our plant by replacing everything from plastic to paper material. This process will also ensure 100% recyclable strong paper bags and paper wrap. Which will eliminate the carbon footprint.